Para que conozcamos tu actual nivel de inglés, a fin de recomendarte el curso más adecuado, por favor, completa y envía el siguiente cuestionario:

No emplees más de 20 minutos para realizar la prueba.

La prueba se debe de realizar sólo (sin ayuda) y sin diccionario.


1. What _____ your name?
2. We ______ from England.
3. _____ name is Tom.
4. I ______ got a cat.
5. What time _____ it?
6. Laura is my sister and I see ______ every Sunday.
7. There ______ 5 students in the classroom.
8. How ______ bedrooms are there in you flat?
9. I haven´t got _____ children.
10. How _____ is a bottle of water?
11. We are _______ video games.
12. What time do you have breakfast the morning?
13. I __________ to the beach last week.
14. Gary texted me two hours _______.
15. I am good tennis.
16. She __________ a magazine when It started to rain.
17. Have you ever _________ to Málaga?
18. I haven’t spoken to him ________ yesterday.
19. I think Málaga __________ be very crowded in 20 years.
20. He ___________ to visit his mother next week.
21. I’m so sad because my boyfriend broke up me yesterday.
22. I’m very keen basketball.
23. _______________ is it to London from Paris?
24. This is the first time ________ a hotel in a touristy place like the Lake District.
25. I like ______ long car journeys.
26. You __________ to the party if you don’t want to.
27. Did you _____ someone a favour last weekend?
28. A strange thing _________ (happen) to me while I __________ (drive) home.
29. at this bus stop/been/waiting/how/you/have/long? (PUT IN ORDER)
30. I´m not as sensitive as him. (CHOOSE THE SENTENCE WITH THE SAME MEANING)
31. Jane _______ have dyed hair. In her wedding photo she had dark hair.
32. Maria always ___________ me laugh.
33. If you pick me up, _______ to the party with you.
34. What problems do people sometimes have to deal on holiday?
35. Students are _________ homework twice a week.
36. If I ________ (win) the lottery, I’d buy Málaga CF.
37. Unfortunately, I have to study all evening. (CHOOSE THE CORRECT "I WISH" SENTENCE)
38. If I’d stayed at home, I __________ my husband.
39. a/about/seen/year/him/for/haven´t/I.  (PUT IN ORDER)
40. The _______ of oxygen can leave mountaineers continually out of breath.
41. Anyone can take part, as _______ as they belong to the club.
42. I’m so _______ up! I lost my mobile yesterday!
43. Do you ever use TV ______ a way of getting to sleep?
44. I ____________ to study tonight because I have an exam tomorrow.
45. I get really well with my neighbours.
46. I decided _________ to the beach.
47. I’d like to speak to the person in _______, please.
48. The article tells you how to get rid junk.
49. I’m not very interested politics.
50. Tom was __________ by astronomy and mathematics, and he quickly became an expert in these subjects.
51. I complained the manager about the terrible food.
52. Microchips will be able to fix _________.
53. That’s a lie. You made that , didn’t you?
54. I paid a great deal money for this ring for my girlfriend.
56. Many people feel there’s _________ point in voting, even for a new president.
57. It wasn’t his turn, but George _________ on paying for the meal.
58. I am always on the look for bargains.
59. _________ the cinema is expensive, I try to go every week.
60. They are obviously more comfortable and less likely to ______ blisters.
61. Over 200 people participated yesterday’s race.
62. Bill registered for the exam himself _______ to make sure that it was done on time.
63. In 1930 there were 20 freeways in Europe. Yet within 20 years, this _______ had grown to more than 100 freeways.
64. We’re ______ likely to see Shannon at the concert tonight.
65. I’m really looking forward ________ on holiday next week.
66. The western part of the country is very _________. There are barely any hills.
67. The children denied _______ on the exam, despite the teacher ______ seen them do it.
68. There I had lived and worked, the heart of the greenest continent
69. One of these films _________ a great deal of attention and won an Academy Award.
70. Anne isn’t happy with her new cooking course so she’s going to _______ out and _______ up painting.

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